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    Did a excellent job on my rotator cuff surgery. Shoulder is doing great since surgery. He was very thorough on explaining what he had to do and what I was going to experience during the healing process. He also answered any questions I had and was very professional and respectful

    ~ dodgeman 115 ~

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    I would highly recommend Dr. Shepet! He and his staff are wonderful. He was so thorough taking into consideration all of the previous knee surgeries I have had in the past and my Rheumatoid Arthritis. He explained all of my options clearly and helped me chose the best course of action. He was a gr...

    ~ Kelly Thews ~

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    Dr. Shepet was an amazing surgeon. A week after my injury I was scheduled for surgery and had my lateral meniscus repaired. He truly looks out for your best interests and cares for his patients, and allowed me to be cleared early which enabled me to repodium at state track for hurdles. If I ever nee...

    ~ Sylvia Fochesato ~

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    100% confidence in the professional ability in Dr. Shepet.
    In November of 2022 I fell 12 feet off a ladder while cleaning gutters; massive right shoulder rotator cuff tear and I am right handed. After MRI, Dr. Shepet and his team established a surgical plan, met with me and stated what they ...

    ~ John Heide ~

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    Dr Shepet is the BEST!

    My journey from surgery to full recovery has been world class every step of the way.

    I fell ice skating severely fracturing my right proximal humerus resulting in a plate and 9 screws, perfectly placed by Shepet, to hold me together.


    ~ Maggie Dame ~

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    I saw Dr. Shepet after two failed shoulder surgeries from other doctors. I had little hope left that my shoulder would ever feel better. Dr. Shepet was amazing from the first appointment. He listened. Answered every question. He had compassion. Understood my concerns. I fully trusted him with my car...

    ~ Misti Miller ~

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    I was referred to Dr. Shepet by the staff at Bellin Orthopedics for a proximal hamstring tear. The injury occurred the week prior to seeing him. Being an active individual, making a full recovery and returning to that level of activity was of the utmost importance to me. We went over our options,...

    ~ Jordan Rankl ~

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