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    Comments: 100% confidence in the professional ability in Dr. Shepet.
    In November of 2022 I fell 12 feet off a ladder while cleaning gutters; massive right shoulder rotator cuff tear and I am right handed. After MRI, Dr. Shepet and his team established a surgical plan, met with me and stated what they expected for the procedure result, post-surgical recovery and what they expected of me in regard to PT. I had the surgery in later November of 2022 and all went very well. Dr. Shepet personally called me to check on me the evening after I left the hospital from the day surgery; that simply does not happen in this day and age anymore.
    I followed the post-surgical rehab program and had a topflight PT through Bellin - Rachelle Schroeder. I have full ROM in the shoulder and continue my home PT strengthening - probably will do forever.
    As of right now I can swing a golf club and throw a softball to my granddaughter.
    My right shoulder was a disaster; Dr. Shepet's premiere surgical skill and his team turned this disaster around. I am forever grateful.

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