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    Comments: Extraordinary surgeon and support team. Dr Shepet and the Bellin Titletown team took special care to make me feel like my rotator cuff surgery was catered specifically to my personality and life style.

    I'm active 55 year old male who needs daily outdoor activity. I have had a few knee surgeries and an achilles heel repair. I seriously considered just living with the pain and immobility of a torn rotator cuff.

    I am pleased to have chosen Dr Shepet.
    He was open to my participation in my rehab regimen that included my interest in acupuncture and PEMF.
    At first, I was apprehensive of his conservative physical therapy process; wanting it to move faster.
    To my surprise I was mostly pain free within a week; had full mobility within a month; and cautious activity within 4 months. My recovery was quicker than any of us anticipated.
    Credit is due to Dr Shepet's surgical skill and Titletown's process

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