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    Comments: Exceptional and outstanding orthopedic physician. Dr.Shepet is very thorough in care and approach to his patients. He takes the time to fully diagnose and explain all options in the treatment of the patient and their injuries. He is building a championship team in his practice at Titletown starting with his assistants and continuing all the way thru rehab and treatments with the wonderful and knowledgeable physical therapy team. I have had the opportunity to have him treat my injuries to my knee, hamstring, hip, and lower back. He performed surgery on my knee and followed up with him at his office the next day with very little swelling and recovery time. I tore my hamstring extremely bad as well as my hip. He took the time and placed me in the hands of his physical therapy team at their clinic to assist in recovery. I have witnessed his ability to find the cause of a painful issue for a patient and offer a solution that other physicians had missed. They have a free walk in clinic at Titletown which is what happened with me and I received top notch care and treatment from Dr.Shepet. If you are looking for the best...he is right here in Green Bay! Thank you Dr.Shepet and his team!

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1970 S Ridge Rd
Green Bay, WI 54304


Practice Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM