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    Comments: What motivated you to begin your journey with us?

    I moved to Green Bay three years ago and had no prior personal knowledge of the Bellin Health system. In the past I had many orthopedic surgeries and therapies in several different care facilities and felt that, therefore, I would be able to get a good picture of the people and practices of Bellin caregivers. I saw Dr. Spears almost immediately for a shoulder injection for pain. He understood my issue and was empathetic and competent in caring for me. About a year later I suffered a fall with subsequent knee trauma. My situation was urgent this time. I didn’t hesitate to call again on Dr. Spears. My initial impressions of him held true as he was once again kind and proficient. He quickly performed surgery and I then began my rehab at the PT department at Bellin Health Orthopedics in Titletown. This year I decided it was just time to have my shoulder replaced. Dr. Shepet was assigned to my case. He too proved to be understanding and capable. Never were my feelings or opinions minimized. It is now four months since the surgery and I have just completed my rehab.

    What obstacles did you have to overcome?

    The physical obstacles I’ve had are the result of chronic arthritis with which I have dealt for 30 years. The majority of these obstacles have been removed or tempered over the years and I continue to maintain a pretty active lifestyle. Two years ago after my knee injury, I could not walk without a crutch. Getting in and out of a car was very difficult. I couldn’t kneel and couldn’t get down on the floor to play with my young grandchildren. I was in constant pain. And, over the past few years my shoulder had deteriorated to the point that it was very difficult to bathe or dress myself, put my hand on the steering wheel to drive, swing a golf club, do garden or lawn care, use a broom or perform even simple household chores. The nights were long as any unguarded movement of my arm in my sleep would wake me with a jolt of pain.

    What part did Bellin Movement Performance Lab play in helping you?

    The physical therapy department in Titletown is awesome. Alex Smithback was my primary therapist this time. He is so friendly and motivational. He educated me and held me accountable. He pushed me and praised me. Bellin has a terrific facility with amazing equipment. I did have to work hard for a few months, but there is no way I could have succeeded without them.

    How has your life changed?

    I deal with arthritis but have no life-threatening health issues. I am grateful to be living in an era when the majority of my joint debilities can be corrected to the point that I continue to enjoy life. In the last three years I have come to rely on Bellin Health, their facilities, and care givers. With all my thanks to them, I have been able to overcome my most recent obstacles and I am again doing very well. It’s wonderful to have so little pain, to be active again, and perhaps most importantly, to play with my grandchildren.

    What advice would you give to help others?

    In regards to orthopedic health, I say Bellin is A-one.

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