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  • Proximal Biceps Tenodesis

    Proximal Biceps Tenodesis

    Proximal biceps tenodesis is the surgical reattachment of a torn proximal biceps tendon, which connects the upper part...

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  • Revision Shoulder Replacement

    Revision Shoulder Replacement

    Total shoulder replacement is the replacement of the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) and the glenoid cavity...

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  • Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Shoulder reconstruction surgery is an operative procedure in which stretched or torn soft-tissue structures...

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  • Humeral Shaft Fracture Repair

    Humeral Shaft Fracture Repair

    The humerus is the bone that forms the upper arm. It articulates with the glenoid cavity of the scapula...

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  • Shoulder Stabilization

    Shoulder Stabilization

    Shoulder instability is a chronic condition that causes frequent dislocation of the shoulder joint.

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  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Injury and disease to the bones or soft tissues of the shoulder joint can make it unstable, and lead to pain, inflammation and reduced mobility.

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  • Capsular Release

    Capsular Release

    A capsular release of the shoulder is surgery performed to release a tight and stiff shoulder capsule...

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  • Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a shoulder injury or shoulder condition.

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  • Stemless Shoulder Replacement

    Stemless Shoulder Replacement

    When the shoulder joint is affected by arthritis, the cartilage lining the articulating bones breaks down.

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  • Proximal Biceps Tenotomy

    Proximal Biceps Tenotomy

    Coming Soon

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  • Scapula Fracture

    Scapula Fracture

    Scapular fractures can be treated with nonsurgical or surgical intervention depending upon the type of fracture.

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