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    Dr. Shepet was excellent in all areas. He gave a clear and concise explanation of my injuries, a clear list of options, and his advice for the best option. Post operative he provided a detailed outline as to what I could expect and goals for physical therapy.

    ~ Neill Gilbertson ~

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    I broke my humorous and went to Dr.. Shepet for care. Dr. Shepet is a wonderful, talented Dr who cares about his patients. He is a Dr who went above and beyond what was expected. For example, I used my chart to ask a question and shortly thereafter he called me to answer my question. He is friendly,...

    ~ Jodi Barrington ~

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    After having a reverse shoulder replacement I can't say enough good about Dr. Shepet and his team. His care and post op follow up are to be commended. I would recommend him to anyone !

    ~ KATHY MOHR ~

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    Dr Shepet did my left shoulder replacement. I am so very happy with the results and no pain! Dr Shepet was also a very caring and understanding Dr as was his NP. I would highly recommend his team????

    ~ jean prevost ~

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    Dr. Shepet and his team provided excellent pre operation information, did a complete repair of my torn rotator cuff and bicep and provided excellent follow-up. 6 months after surgery I am back to normal activities as anticipated!!

    ~ Bruce Kotarek ~

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    I met Dr. Shepet in June of 2021 for a severe meniscus injury. In Early October he did surgery to re attach my meniscus which was detached at the joint. He told me “I’m going to treat you like you are my family member “, and has went above and beyond threw my recovery. The same day of my surge...

    ~ Lori Herms ~

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    I fully ruptured my left major pectoralis muscle (both sternal and clavicular heads) back in July of 2020 and was dealing with a profound weakness and a feeling of shoulder instability. My arm would get very tired doing simple activities and I had a significant deformity in my left chest wall and a...

    ~ Ryun Ulrich ~

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    I had a complex meniscus tear. Had surgery on Monday and was walking with no pain or limp three days later. Dr. Shepet was fantastic to work with and I followed all his treatment recommendations. I highly recommend him to anyone that has a knee or meniscus injury!!

    ~ Jerry Nicholson ~

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    I met Dr. Shepet last fall when I was being evaluated for surgery. Kevin made me feel more relaxed and confident that we would be better off with the surgery.
    I can say he does awesome work, I’m living proof. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to do my job again, and thanks to Kevin I ...

    ~ Clayton Demro ~

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    I hade a reverse shoulder replacement by Dr Shepet and everything went great. He was very personable with a great bedside manner. I wish I would have had the surgery sooner. Staff all see to be very caring.

    ~ kathy gehm ~

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