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    My left shoulder was in extreme pain. Kevin did the surgery and removed the painful sharp material. Went to therapy and it’s back 95%. I’m very happy. ????

    ~ John Jansen ~

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    Dr. Kevin Shepet, MD reattached my quadriceps tendon to my knee cap.
    Surgery went very well and after surgery care was great. Thank you.

    ~ Gary Mayer ~

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    Amazing doctor and amazing care! He took the time to listen to my concerns and problem solve options for me. He explained things in easy to understand language and he now has completed two surgeries for me with superb results. I would not hesitate to go to him again if anymore care or surgery is nee...

    ~ Amber conway ~

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    He was so amazing and had awesome follow ups. He was awesome with my questions and everything!

    ~ Trinity Popelka ~

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    Dr. Shepet improved my quality of life with an entire shoulder replacement. The staff and everyone at Bellin was the best from Pre-Op through Post-Op!

    ~ Mike De Koch ~

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    I had a great experience with Dr Shepet. He scoped my knee and removed damaged meniscus. Recover went extremely well and I am back to doing the things I love without pain. I would highly recommend Dr Shepet!

    ~ Amanda Hessil ~

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    What motivated you to begin your journey with us?

    I moved to Green Bay three years ago and had no prior personal knowledge of the Bellin Health system. In the past I had many orthopedic surgeries and therapies in several different care facilities and felt that, therefore, I would be a...

    ~ Lorna Hon ~

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    Excellent surgeon and staff! Had a complex knee repair and it’s healing beautifully! Highly recommend! So grateful for the quality of care I received from Dr. Shepet and his staff. Thank you!

    ~ Ruth Carlson ~

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    Dr. Kevin Shepet recently repaired my ACL and meniscus. He’s a great Dr that will be there for you start to finish. Although I am moving to another state he is still working with me making sure my knee is in perfect condition. If you’re looking for a doctor I highly recommend Dr. Shepet.

    ~ Kody Kohnke ~

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    Exceptional and outstanding orthopedic physician. Dr.Shepet is very thorough in care and approach to his patients. He takes the time to fully diagnose and explain all options in the treatment of the patient and their injuries. He is building a championship team in his practice at Titletown starting...

    ~ Jim Petras ~

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