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    I had shoulder replacement surgery and less than 6 months after I am doing great! It feels great, I can sleep on that side and my range of motion is fantastic. I wish I had gone in sooner but am so pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr Shepet to anyone with shoulder issues!

    ~ Dee Stamnes ~

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    I was referred to Dr. Kevin Shepet by my Internal medical doctor for a sore arm. Dr. Shepet was extremely tentative to my situation. We did an MRI and found I had a torn muscle and problems with my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Dr. Shepet is a very caring doctor. He thanked me for coming to see...

    ~ Pam Dewane ~

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    Dr. Shepet is an excellent surgeon. He repaired my rotator cuff that was completely torn from an accident that happened 7 years ago. He was able to stretch and repair my tendon and 6 months later, I am doing great. No more pain and it feels great. He clearly communicated to me how the procedure wou...

    ~ Jim Smidel ~

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    Dr. Shepet always kept me in the loop of what was happening and really cared about my treatment and healing. He's very personable and is great at communication.

    ~ Kayla Dummer ~

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    Dr Shepet is phenomenal. I had a severe rotator cuff tear plus arthritis in my shoulder. He performed a reverse total shoulder replacement. He did an excellent job with the surgery and my recovery went extremely well
    6 months after surgery and I’m totally pain free and have more mobility ...

    ~ Mary H ~

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    Dr. Kevin Shepet provided outstanding care for my shoulder replacement. At our first meeting, he gave me a notebook of helpful information that guided me through the process from start to finish. He explained everything in easy-to-understand terms and sought to understand how my shoulder problems...

    ~ Gayle F ~

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    Dr Shepet did a reverse shoulder replacement for me. I am 80 years old and was very concerned about going through with the surgery. He did a wonderful job with minimal pain (more like a discomfort) right from the day after surgery. He is honest, gentle, and has a very caring attitude. I have and...

    ~ Blanche Blahnik ~

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    I am 55 years old and I tore my ACL and meniscus in a skiing accident in February. Dr. Shepet listened to my concerns with having an active lifestyle and explained my options after the MRI. I proceeded with the surgery in April and by mid-July I was back riding my bicycle outside and taking my dog...

    ~ Rhonda Sumnicht ~

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    Highly recommend! After working in surgery for 35 years I'm pretty picky when choosing a surgeon for myself or family. Since moving to the Green Bay area after retiring and not being familiar with surgeons in this area I reached out to those I knew, some being in the medical field and some as patien...

    ~ Laureen Kaprelian ~

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    After multiple left knee surgeries and reconstructions from other surgeons he figured out the problem in 5 minutes and scheduled my surgery for 2 weeks later. I was walking without crutches pain free the night of my surgery when I got home. 6 weeks out and I can do things I haven't been able to do f...

    ~ Jaysen Little ~

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